Auburn Basketball vs Vanderbilt in a Tough Loss 82-75

Auburn went back to the conference play today and we went to see the 1:00 pm start in Auburn against Vanderbilt.  Perhaps a game Auburn should have won but in the end Auburn came up short.  It was all offense on both sides today with no one playing a tight defense.  As always Deb and I enjoyed the game but as I sit here and watch the Florida vs Tennessee basketball game with a packed house, I would like to see the same thing down here in Auburn.  It isn’t an ACC thing and SEC doesn’t have basketball teams, they have plenty of good teams, Auburn just hasn’t won games in a few years now and not many come out to support the team on a consistent basis.

For Deb and I that isn’t what the games are really about.  It is about spending time together and getting away from the normal routine of work and distractions to enjoy something together.  Out of all the sporting events that take place at Auburn, Basketball is probably Deborah’s favorite.  It is indoors, she can bring her knitting, and no one generally dumps a rum and coke on your camera or throws up their lunch a few seats next to you (both happened at the football games this past season).

Nope, the games are usually quiet, plenty of seats, not a crowded area, generally no commercial time-outs, tickets are CHEAP, and the games only last 2 hours at most.  Of course, we actually hope that changes when the new area opens in 2011, but either way, we will still try to go to the basketball games when the weather outside gets cold.  Here are a few photos I took at the game today.  Click on the images below to see the larger size.

Aubie and Auburn Flag

Auburn Basketball

Auburn Basketball

Cold Day of Code and Godin’s Tribes :: Friday Feet

Scott Reading Tribes

Scott Reading Tribes

Today was supposed to be a day off but it was so cold outside today that I ended up just looking at code all day long (which was better than going outside).  So I took my friday feet photo today of what I had planned on doing today, sitting back and reading a book.  That didn’t happen but I was able to get moving on a few blogs and website development projects (the shoes in the pic are just for effect since each week I am wearing the same shoes).

I am in the middle of reading two books right now, Tribes and Unleashing The Idea Virus, both written by Seth Godin (his blog).  Some how I ended up reading both of these books at the same time.  Unleashing The Idea Virus was written first and Tribes is making more sense after reading some of Idea Virus.  I will be posting a review of one or both once I get through reading them, but so far they are both excellent.

I am about to finish my first two full months at the church and now I am really starting to get into the grit of my position.  Once the new website is launched over the next week or two it will really be a start to what I hope is going to be a strong Internet presence in the months and years to come for the church.  I am really excited about how it is starting to come together, and today I spent a good bit of time getting to know the code a little better.

After looking at coding for about 12 hours Deb and I went out to eat at a (very) local restraunt called Good ‘Ol Boys.  Tomorrow the Auburn Basketball team takes on Vandy in the next SEC matchup for the Tigers.  Doesn’t look like it is going to be any warmer, some are actually calling for snow on Monday night, yikes.

Long Ride to Florida and Key West by Motorcycle

Deborah Honda Shadow

Deborah Honda Shadow

Scott and Deborah

It usually gets to be about this time of year when I start dreaming about being some place warmer where the days are not 50-60* and gloomy (yes I know if you live anywhere farther north than the deep south 50 is not cold, but it is to us).  One of our favorite spots to go this time of year is the Florida Keys.  We have made more than a dozen trips down there over the years but a few years ago we did something different and road our motorcycles from Auburn Alabama to Key West Florida.

You may be saying big deal, who cares, but if you have never ridden a bike, or haven’t ridden more than about 50 miles at a time on a bike, it was a pretty big deal to us.  It is about 850 miles from here to there, and by car, usually takes us two days if we stop in Orlando.  That means long driving time in short light, and cold.  It was a great trip, and goal achieved, but one of the best and most memorable trips we have taken down to the keys (other than this one).  We didn’t make it all the way to Orlando the first night, and we only made it to Islamorada the second night, so it was a whole lot of very sore riding by the time we made it to Key West, but a memory I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So there are a few shots done with a point-n-shoot a few years ago, one while I was riding next to Deb while she was on her Honda Shadow VLX 600.  I was riding a Honda Nighthawk 750 at the time and loved to take pics of Deb while she was riding (of course).  We took many trips on these two motorcycles but this one trip to the Florida Keys was one of our favorite, and in one of our favorite spots in the country.

Auburn Tigers Women vs Tennessee Basketball Draws 12,067

Today we went to see the #6 Auburn Tigers vs #10 Tennessee Vols basketball game, which drew an all time record crowd of 12,067 fans.  This was the largest crowd to see a basketball game in Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum ever in its current configuration. Listed as a maximum as a 10,500 feet arena, it was certainly the largest crowd I have ever seen at a basketball game here in Auburn, and oh, did I mention, it was the woman’s basketball team.

This was actually the first woman’s basketball game we had been to in all the years of going to games, and at a time when the men’s basketball team is lucky to have a crowd of 5,000 show up, the woman played a fantastic game, shot well, made free throws, and overall totally impressed the over 12,000 people that showed up for the game.

At the beginning of the game that had a moment of silence for Kay Yow, the North Carolina State’s Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach who won more than 700 games died on Saturday of breast cancer at the age of 66.  The first photo was of one of the woman holding up the warmup shirt they all wore today that said Kay Yow.  It was a great game that left the Auburn Tigers still undefeated for the season with a 84-68 win.

Kay Yow

Auburn Woman's Basketball

Auburn Woman's Basketball

Auburn Woman's Basketball

Bielski Partisans Jewish Life Not Comprehended Today :: Defiance Movie


So today I went to see Defiance the Movie.  This was the story about the Bielski partisans a group of Polish Jews that came together for common protection and to oppose the German occupation of their homeland.  I won’t give the story line away here in this post but it reminds me that those in my generation can not even begin to comprehend sacrifice, pain, and suffering that took place in the world in the early 1940’s in WWII.

I had never heard of or read anything about or known anything about the Bielski partisans group before today.  A group that lived in the German forest for several years until the war ended.  Most of us who live in the free world will never have to understand or deal with loss like these people.  Never have to make decisions they had to make.  Here are a few pics from the movie (all images of course are copyright of Paramount / Vantage VIP).



Regardless of the movie’s historical accuracy compared to the theatrical take, it made me more aware of what happened around 1941-1943 and promted me to look up information about the Bielski family and how they survived.

Often, at least in the U.S., we take our freedom for granted.  We successfully transferred political power last week from President Bush to President Obama.  No one was executed, no one was exiled, and whatever the problems we face in this country, we are still free.

Free to learn
Free to make our own decisions
Free to speak
Free to travel where we choose
Free to disagree
Free to write our own opinion
Free to create
Free to marry who we choose
Free to vote
Free to worship how we choose
Freely created,
Equal in God’s sight.