Here I Am Lord… Now Send Somebody Else

I love the title to this book, it is so accurate to the way I think sometimes.  I want to dive in head first in the deep end from the 50 meter platform and forget that once you get to the bottom, you actually have to swim back up to the surface to breathe.  It is 3pm and somehow, I am about the only one left here, and now I am starting to get some productive work done (except right at this very second of course).

I have officially been here for about two months now and I can’t think of any place else I would want to get in the car and drive to work in the mornings.  Although I have been in the work force for 15+ years now, I feel like a baby when it comes to “ministry’ work, but am learning at a crash course pace.  It is quiet at times and panic stricken at others.  This job is totally different than anything I have done before and I am loving the chance to learn so much about the bride of Christ, and most of that is getting to know the people here and across the Internet that make up the church body.


…and boom… just like that a quiet afternoon went into a totally different environment.  Maybe that’s why I like it, it is always changing and always challenges to meet.

What I love about this book title is the tag line that goes with it.

how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

There is nothing extraordinary about anything I do when compared to what skills and talents other people have been given as well.  We have each been given our specific skills and talents by God (someone told me yesterday their’s was sarcasm), but there will always be someone who is more talented in the same areas, and someone less talented in those same areas than I am.  All throughout the Bible God used regular ordinary people to do His work, Moses being the all time great example.

I work with some great, talented, ordinary people, that are determinied to do God’s work as best as they possibly can, and I love that.

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