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  • Trying to Start a Newsletter in 2023?

    Trying to Start a Newsletter in 2023?

    Can You Build Subscribers in Such a Saturated Web Space? Is this the most overused word in the Internet writing space these days, a Newsletter? I’ve kinda always hated the word. It depicts such formality. News AND a letter. It also comes with such authoritative knowledge in the chosen topic space. I had questions… Can You…

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  • How to Kill a Soldier

    How to Kill a Soldier

    A Poem a fleeting glance with haughty eyes upon sacred cleansing no surprise in battle but safe, now summ’nd please go home and be a husband duty bound, with you i will remain brothers not yet free from pain in battle not safe, now summ’nd, someone’ll go and be a husband Inspiration This was loosely…

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  • Where Would You Go?

    Where Would You Go?

    If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go? Do daily writing prompts drive you to write more? I love all different kinds of daily writing prompts, sorta. My only gripe is they tend to make assumptions and generalizations in an attempt to hit the biggest audience and to appeal to the most…

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  • Is This the Last Fall-Back to Standard Time?

    Is This the Last Fall-Back to Standard Time?

    It is that time of year again. The time when those of us who live on the far eastern edge of a time zone have to watch it get dark before dinner arrives. This is the time of year down in the south when you turn on the Cowboys, playing at AT&T Stadium, and see…

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  • Time Expired

    Time Expired

    A Haiku beams of radiance heat shimmer rising softly a watch in the night Inspiration From On thoughts of baseball… there’s always tomorrow, except when there’s not. Then there’s hope for what’s to come. Rom 15.13.

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  • Senseless Act of Poetry

    Senseless Act of Poetry

    As the Newtown “anniversary” approaches I came back to this poem I wrote on the day of that tragedy. It seems our world is confronted with the realities of these shootings almost every day now. The likes of Newtown, Roseburg, or just this week the San Bernardino shootings, are all too frequent. For most part,…

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  • Sunrise


    A Haiku thick wet blanket covers darkness turned to blood rising poured out and empty Inspiration From the reference to the last verse comes from Isaiah 53, the firs two verses come from the image I took this morning of the sunrise.

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  • Surf


    A Haiku the greatest of white my soul shutters in disbelief over the waves of this life

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  • Reasons To Write or Not to Write

    Reasons To Write or Not to Write

    So this is the typical blog away from blog post that seems to grace the pages of almost every blog I have ever read. For the first time in the 10-15 years I have been writing on my blog, I took a year off. Though I did stop writing here for a while, I never…

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  • What a Beautiful Game

    What a Beautiful Game

    Being a baseball fan in the biggest football powerhouse town Imagine if any other collegiate sport played 35 home games, 56 regular season games? Or if any other major professional sports league played 162 regular season games, decided not to keep time on the field, and the person with the ball never scored? Baseball is…

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