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Self Portrait Drinking Coffee

About Each Life Project

All my portfolio projects are curated groups of images I’ve collected over a long period of time. Many I’m still actively creating. Photography Projects follow my Blog Categories and you can read more information about my portfolio here. Below are related project collections similar to the one you are currently viewing. I do have a FULL LIST of projectshere.

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About Self Portraits

This project is something that I’ve been working on for years, and in some ways I found inspiration for this through the portrait work of Dan WintersSean TuckerFiona Lark, and Vivian Maier.

Self portraits are so unlike the smartphone “selfies,” we are all accustomed to today. These self-portraits delve deeper into the traditional photographic genre of intentionality and purpose. Each image tells a unique story, capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and introspection, and marks a time and place.

Photograph Selection

The entire portfolio list is available if you would like to scroll through all the projects. Below are the curated images I chose for this particular project.

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