Closeup Snowflake Photo on a Frosted Window

Snowflake Photography

Snowflake Photography

I started off today with a beautiful creation by our Creator that I am not all that thrilled to see when I get up.  20* Frost.

I took this photo this morning when I went out to get in my truck.  We live in the deep south and I like to think that our winter days are mild, but not lately.  It is currently 30* outside and it is almost 11am, not a pleasant thing for those of us who have a wardrobe that consists of t-shirts and one or two long sleeve shirts that we never like to wear but do so when we can’t bear it any longer.

The first image is actually the sunrise looking through my truck window on the driver’s side, into the truck, then back out the other side.  The sun still hadn’t warmed things up enough to melt away the unique snowflake like frost that had formed all over everything last night.  There was just enough humidity last night at 20* to make for a beautiful close up of the snowflake crystals on the window (although handheld due to my tripod being in use at the time).

The second shot above is a further close up (beyond the macro 1:1 ratio for those photo techies) of the first shot above.  It took less than a minute sitting in the car for all of this beauty to melt away.  My next blog post is going to be where we should be this time of year, but for now, it is cold down here.  I don’t care if it is -10* up north and 20* isn’t cold to some, it is cold down here, time for Spring.

6 responses to “Closeup Snowflake Photo on a Frosted Window”

  1. Love the pics… what lens were you using?


  2. this was with the Nikon 105mm VR Macro with a nikon 6t close up filter (on a monopod)


  3. My favorite shots of yours (so far.)

    Auburn Gal Alwayss last blog post..475


  4. this is cool!


  5. thats frost i would know im a glass man…


  6. These are beautiful. Being from the north, 20-30 seems balmy, especially in January!


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