Auburn Basketball vs Vanderbilt in a Tough Loss 82-75

Auburn went back to the conference play today and we went to see the 1:00 pm start in Auburn against Vanderbilt.  Perhaps a game Auburn should have won but in the end Auburn came up short.  It was all offense on both sides today with no one playing a tight defense.  As always Deb and I enjoyed the game but as I sit here and watch the Florida vs Tennessee basketball game with a packed house, I would like to see the same thing down here in Auburn.  It isn’t an ACC thing and SEC doesn’t have basketball teams, they have plenty of good teams, Auburn just hasn’t won games in a few years now and not many come out to support the team on a consistent basis.

For Deb and I that isn’t what the games are really about.  It is about spending time together and getting away from the normal routine of work and distractions to enjoy something together.  Out of all the sporting events that take place at Auburn, Basketball is probably Deborah’s favorite.  It is indoors, she can bring her knitting, and no one generally dumps a rum and coke on your camera or throws up their lunch a few seats next to you (both happened at the football games this past season).

Nope, the games are usually quiet, plenty of seats, not a crowded area, generally no commercial time-outs, tickets are CHEAP, and the games only last 2 hours at most.  Of course, we actually hope that changes when the new area opens in 2011, but either way, we will still try to go to the basketball games when the weather outside gets cold.  Here are a few photos I took at the game today.  Click on the images below to see the larger size.

Aubie and Auburn Flag

Auburn Basketball

Auburn Basketball

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