Best Super Bowl XLIII Commercial Was… Open Happiness

So today was the 2009 Super Bowl and as always the commercials seem to get a lot of attention.  Overall I was not all that impressed with any one particular commercial this year, and some I was pretty disappointed with some, mainly for their strong sexual content.  Some were rehashed from last year, some are getting old like the Budweiser Clydesdales, the G.E. windmill, and the baby commercial for E-trade (which I hated all year long and now they are adding to the misery for 2009).

Maybe it is because I am getting older or something but I just don’t care for watching a commercial with my extended family where a Doritos eater blows off the cloths of someone on the street or GoDaddy shows Danica Patrick taking a shower at the whim of some domain name morons (which was only part of the extended commercial, most of which was not shown on TV).

Production wise, both of those commercials (especially the Doritos commercial) was good and the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial was hilarious but save the sex for Jay Leno’s hour.  Some others good commercials of note would be Bridgestone, the Hyundai Genesis with the screaming board members from BMW and the Japanese car makers, a Pepsi MAX commercial and some of the job search commercials from Career Builder with the screaming lady in the car.

Open Happiness with Coca-Cola

My second favorite would be the Pedigree Adoption Commercial. It was funny, and was actually trying to do something unique with their time slot, but my favorite commercial has to go to a company and not a single commercial Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has done a fantastic job with making commercials that are just happy.  The end of the commercials say it all, “Open Happiness”.  Coke has a long running line of great commercials that just want to make you hold hands with the world and drink coke.  They don’t tend to sell sex, try to gross you out, or fight for the most racy commercial on TV, they sell liquid happiness in a bottle, and it’s not beer.

One of my favorite of the Coke commercials was the Coke Zero commercial spoof on the 1980 Super Bowl commercial with Mean Joe Green (YouTube Video), probably one of the all time greatest commercials for the Super Bowl.  Even during the 1979-1980 football season when this commercial came out (yes, it was not newly made just for the Super Bowl) Coke was still selling happiness.

Something has to be said about a company that can still produce that image in 2009 when we are completely inundated with junk on local TV I wouldn’t want to watch with anyone other than possibly my wife, so here it is.  Coca Cola wins top spot in my book for the best overall commercial spots for the Super Bowl 2009.

YouTube Video Below of Coca Cola – Open Happiness

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  1. Kyle Avatar

    I am going to have to go with the Doritos ‘snow globe’ commercial. If I had been sitting, I would have fallen out of my chair, I was laughing so hard.

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