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About Each Project

My portfolio projects are curated groups of images I’ve collected over many years. These Photography Projects follow my Blog Categories. Below you will see a bullet list of all my current Portfolio Projects. I also have visual list of ALL Photography Portfolios available.

About My Portfolio

I have been involved in photography for more than 30 years now and I’ve collected many different types of portfolios. On my site I have created specific curated portfolios, some of which are shown below. I do have an extensive 👉 full list of portfolios 👈 available as well.

In 2023 I started updating all of my portfolio collections to create collections that are large files in the highest resolution allowing for the best viewing experience. While this is a large work in progress, the new portfolios are below mixed in with the old (for now).

Any questions at all please contact me. This is a representation of the work I’ve done over the past 35+ years, by no means a complete list. My goal is to shoot 1,000,000 photos, I’m at around 750,000 as of 2023.

For more information about my photography and how I got my start, you can do that here. Below is a selection of my work as of late 2023. Below is an alphabetical list of my projects as of 2023-2024.

My Photography Portfolio

Below is a list by sub-set and subject in alphabetical order of the various projects I have put together. These are collections of curated images, each with their own specific subject or genre. The ones under the heading “Portfolio Projects” are the professional portfolios I’ve put together, the others are more personal projects.

Faith Projects

Life Projects

Portfolio Projects

Project 365

Travel Projects

Recent Projects

The entire Portfolio Project list is available if you would like to scroll through all the posts. Below are the three most recent updates to my portfolio projects. I am adding new projects all the time so come back soon.

The Church

This project is to showcase the diversity of “The Church” by showcasing the buildings (inside or outside) I have come across and photographed. I started photographing churches a long time…

Rural Decay

This project is one that takes a look at abandon, or seemingly abandon, structures and locations in the rural areas near to where I live. Most of these images in…

Self Portraits

This project found inspiration for this through the portrait work of Dan Winters, Sean Tucker, Fiona Lark, and Vivian Maier. Self portraits are so unlike the smart phone “selfies,” we are all accustomed to today.…