From Sunset on the Coast to Rainbows at Home

Sunset on Gulf Shores Beach

This week’s trip to the coast was very short, but oh so sweet. The weather was not cooperative enough to sit on the beach and knit, but the views the approaching storm gave us were absolutely wonderful.  The image below was taken by Scott while he was walking on the beach, with his phone. Camera phones have come a long way, but he took out his phone while he was walking and snapped this shot of the sun going down.

I sat in the car and knitted while Scott did his daily beach walking. The wind was blowing very hard and although the temperature was not too bad, the wind was bone chilling.  We took a lovely drive down streets we had not ventured down before and stumbled upon a community cemetery. Some of you may think this odd, but I love cemeteries. It is just so fascinating wandering through them looking at the headstones, with the dates and sometimes the epitaphs on them. Some of them can be quite amusing since they are placed there by those left behind.

During our drive we stumbled upon these guys (gals) and I just wanted to jump right out of the car and join them in the fun! This is called Powered Para gliding and I think this would be such a cool hobby!!

Powered Para Glider

Although the trip was short this time, we were greeted by this when we arrived back at our house. Beautiful, no?

Rainbow after a storm over the farm

This rainbow came right over the property and the sun lit up the house across the pond.  This rainbow, which turned into a double and triple rainbow lasted for a good 5-10 minutes, longest and brightest we have seen in a long time.

Cold Day on the Beach in February is Empty and Fun

Sunset at the Marina

Some days a cold day on the beach is better than a warm day inside. The beaches, in most parts of the country right now, are completely empty, but put a nice cool breeze and January into the mix and you get this (see beach image below). Not only is there a rare February thunderstorm in the distance but the only visible moving object on the beach is a tiny little bird in the very center of the image. The sunsets at the marina are always so dynamic and each one is different. The thunderstorms here made just enough of a hole in the sky to give us a great sunset today.

This image was actually taken by my cell phone. I am really amazed at the quality of images that can be taken by a cell phone these days. Not that it is worthy of publication but for just sticking a phone up in the air, its not bad.

Gulf Shores in January

This weekend we did spend the day on the beach (see all the photos below) but we came down to be on Laughalot. We did enjoy the peace and quiet that the marina always has around this time of year, and of course on the beaches too.

We have several favorite beaches down here, some are in Florida, some in Alabama, but depending on the time of year, you can usually walk several miles in either direction and enjoy a quiet walk. As is customary for me, I try to get in about 5-7 miles while I am on the beach, here I am on my way, yes, it is cold. I don’t look all that thrilled but I really am glad to be there, even if the weather is a little harsh.

Scott going for a walk

Of course, DK has here own way of keeping warm, stay in the tent, don’t move much and have a ton of layers on. We do have some larger shots of the tent area on the beach but this close up gives a better idea of how cold it really is down here today.

Deborah's Beach Tent

It still made for a very nice sunset at the marina and we had a great weekend on Laughalot.

Mother’s Hospital Room in Dallas :: Where Are We Wednesday

Today I planned to launch a new weekly post category that would give my readers a sense of where we are and what we are up to. We travel (or try to) quite a bit (or use to) and I wanted to be able to share photos and fun stuff about our trips.

Where Are We Wednesday – February 02, 2008

Interesting how life takes over and changes even the best laid plans. It turns out that I am posting this from my mother’s hospital room. Yesterday, my mother had surgery to remove potentially cancerous cells from the wall of her brain (basically results form her last surgery when she had a brain tumor removed). The surgery went very well and she is now in the room, just as talkative as ever. She will be going home tomorrow and we will be heading back to Alabama on Friday.  As I mentioned above, this is her second such surgery (and hopefully the last) over the last two years.  The first came about when she and her husband were in Colorado and she flew back to Dallas.  This time she will have to go through chemotherapy and radiation once she heals from her surgery.

There are no photos to share this time, just relief and thanks to all those who have sent their wishes and have been praying for her.  Next Wednesday, we will be somewhere else, hopefully more relaxing and enjoyable.  How about anyone else who has traveled or is traveling on Wednesday.  Doesn’t have to be something on this exact Wednesday, just let me know something exciting you did on “this” Wednesday, whenever and where ever you are on that day.

Content Writing and Blog Posts

The Internet is an amazing place, don’t you think. No other place has the freedom and ability to express yourself as you can on the Internet (at present time), and for better or worse, you can showcase your work and skills to people all over the world. Blog posts and content writing is certainly one way to express your opinions, beliefs, and concerns to others.

I have been involved in writing blog posts now for many years in more blogs than I can remember, but without some of the great companies that support these types of platforms this art form of sorts would be made much more difficult. If you are just getting starting with a blog there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Choose a back end system – wordpress, typepad, blogger
  • Choose a domain or name – domains are inexpensive now, you don’t always have to go with free name provided by the back end system, make it look professional and personal with your own domain name
  • Choose a topic – have a specific genre and stick to it
  • Do some research – it makes things much more interesting
  • Be original – don’t just scrape what everyone else is saying, be original and do some of your own work, it will help build a solid customer or reader base

Prior To February 2008

I wanted to make a quick disclaimer for the blog posts prior to this date, February 1st, 2008. As part of my job, I write blog content, offer consulting services, and generally help with any project that needs to be done on the Internet. Someone offered to purchase the written content in the posts prior to this date, which I did indeed sell at that time.

The content if seen on another blog was authorized by me, but is also shown below as an example of my prior content writing. If you have any questions at all I would be more than happy to discuss them with you.