Content Writing and Blog Posts

The Internet is an amazing place, don’t you think. No other place has the freedom and ability to express yourself as you can on the Internet (at present time), and for better or worse, you can showcase your work and skills to people all over the world. Blog posts and content writing is certainly one way to express your opinions, beliefs, and concerns to others.

I have been involved in writing blog posts now for many years in more blogs than I can remember, but without some of the great companies that support these types of platforms this art form of sorts would be made much more difficult. If you are just getting starting with a blog there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Choose a back end system – wordpress, typepad, blogger
  • Choose a domain or name – domains are inexpensive now, you don’t always have to go with free name provided by the back end system, make it look professional and personal with your own domain name
  • Choose a topic – have a specific genre and stick to it
  • Do some research – it makes things much more interesting
  • Be original – don’t just scrape what everyone else is saying, be original and do some of your own work, it will help build a solid customer or reader base

Prior To February 2008

I wanted to make a quick disclaimer for the blog posts prior to this date, February 1st, 2008. As part of my job, I write blog content, offer consulting services, and generally help with any project that needs to be done on the Internet. Someone offered to purchase the written content in the posts prior to this date, which I did indeed sell at that time.

The content if seen on another blog was authorized by me, but is also shown below as an example of my prior content writing. If you have any questions at all I would be more than happy to discuss them with you.

One response to “Content Writing and Blog Posts”

  1. The one thing I haven’t done from this list is pick a topic and stick to it. Perhaps I should… Thanks for the advice, Scott.

    Luke’s last blog post..Three nice plugins to have


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