Crazy Week to the Renewing of Friday Feet

I want to start off this post by apologizing to my rss readers, my twitter followers, and whoever else I annoyed when my blog blew up as my database structures got corrupted this week. As usual when dealing with code, something that took about 15 seconds to go wrong took two days to correct, but now we are up and running again.

After evaluating my “photo of the day” on Tumblr I concluded it was better served just posting everything here on my blog, and I will start off with picked back up on my Friday Feet posts from back in September of 2010. Today the photos come from none other than our local Hobby Lobby, and all the photos here were taken with my iPhone. Sometimes I just really like the every day routine photos of life. Many times we don’t take photos of just every day life, but that’s where we spend most of our time in life. In our house we are adjusting to a new normal, so anything is worthy of a photo at this point.

Along with a crazy busy week, today at Cornerstone we celebrated the life of Connie Wright. Connie loved the Lord, and she gave this love to those people she came into contact with every day. I didn’t know her well but she was always thrilled to see me every time I came in the doors of the church for work. It was a celebration of who she was and the glory of her new home. Another reminder of how short our time on this side of eternity really is, and how important it is to spend our time wisely.

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