Pros and Cons of The Daily app for iPad

I have been using The Daily app for the iPad for about a week now since it came out and this being the first subscription based daily newspaper type of publication I thought I would do a quick review here. If nothing else, this is going to open the flood gates of countless newspapers and other subscription based publications to release similar formats.

Any company who is in the business of producing paper for the purpose of it being read by a consumer should take close notice to The Daily. If these companies continue to ignore the digital age, as many newspapers and even book publishers have done, their long term viability (or profitability) will get more and more difficult. No question about it, they are going to have to try to find a way to produce a digital product or leave the market.

For those who many not know, The Daily is a daily newspaper type (I say type because it isn’t printed so it’s not a “paper”), delivered each day to your iPad. Subscription prices are very reasonable at $.14 a day, $9.99 a week, or $39.99 a year. With the flood of tablets now coming on the market like the Droid based Galaxy Tab and the Motorola tablet, it’s only a matter of time before The Daily is produced in multiple digital formats, but for now, it’s only available on the iPad.

The Daily Pros

  • New and fresh content delivered daily from professional journalists
  • Price is reasonable and month and yearly subscriptions are available
  • Format and design is outstanding and continues to improve
  • The daily publication can be updated throughout the day with live info
  • A true multi-media format that allows for video, high-def pics, caption pop-ups
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter, local comments (with voice)
  • Portability and ease of reading on the iPad platform

The Daily Cons

  • Can’t access archives, if you don’t “clip” the article there is no way to access the previous day’s content, hopefully this will change
  • The app still crashes a bit but I’m more than willing to use an imperfect app now
  • Each day’s issue takes a while to download
  • Content is somewhat limited. There is no “TECH” section or “Business” section per say (although the Sports section is huge); too much “Gossip” section reporting and not enough hard news
  • The app is a bit slow to respond.  Although I like the carrousel view, it’s slow

Over time many of the issues I listed above will no doubt be addressed as they always are with new apps. The second generation iPad, the iPad 2 set to come out sometime around April to June should also have a much better processor and will speed everything up as well.

2 responses to “Pros and Cons of The Daily app for iPad”

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  2. […] This is the future of newspapers or online news in general. Complete review available, see Pros and Cons of The Daily app for iPad. Price $9.99/Mth or $40/year (app […]


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