A Little Mixed Up or Dazed and Confused

My mother-in-law used to keep this notebook (which I now have) of clippings and tear-outs of poems and cliché sayings. She used to find from all over the place, almost all of them have no names associated with them, only a few have a way to actually find their original source, but most of them are quite uplifting and humorous. This is the poem I found in her stash this morning from an unknown author. A title that first came to mind was Dazed and Confused but I think Led Zeppelin has that one covered. The author titled this poem “A Little Mixed Up”.

A Little Mixed Up

Just a line to say I’m living
That I’m not among the dead,
Tho’ I’m getting more forgetful
And more mixed up in the head.

For sometimes I can’t remember,
Where I stand at the foot of the stair
If I must go up for something
Or – if I’ve just come down from there

And, before the frig’ – so often
My poor mind is filled with doubt.
Have I just put the food away, or
Have I come to take some out?

And, then there’s times when it is dark out,
With my night cap on my head
I don’t know if I’m retiring —
Or – just getting out of bed.

So, if it’s my turn to write you
There’s no need in getting sore,
I may think that I have already written
And don’t want to be a bore.

So – remember that I do love you,
And – I wish that you were here.
And – now it’s nearly mail-time
So – I must say, “Good-bye m’dear”.

There I stood beside the mail-box
With a face so very red.
Instead of mailing you my letter
I had opened it – instead!!

—author unknown

2 responses to “A Little Mixed Up or Dazed and Confused”

  1. Very nice poem.

    By the way, I took a look around; you may be pleased to find that I have no trouble with the concept of absolute truth.

    Mathematics helps with things like that. For example, among the integers it is absolutely true that no one will ever find one square number that is exactly double a different square number. Knowledge of this impossibility predates Christianity by centuries.

    Also, I used to live in Alabama (not too far from Clanton, almost dead center in the state).

    But now I must get back to a few things before I get all mixed up and forget about them.


  2. @Rob although math was never my strongest suit in my studies i did appreciate it for the fact and truths it examines… 2 plus 2 still equals 4 and can’t equal anything else, I just think today’s culture would make an argument that says 2 plus 2 equals 4.32 and hold to it no matter what… in the end, either way you slice it 2.16 times 2 equals 4.32, even if .16 is a slight difference 🙂


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