Quiet Afternoon on the Lake with a Dagger Kayak

The photo of the day today comes from a local lake, but the title caption isn’t exactly accurate.  It was a nice quiet few minutes on the lake until this public lake patrol told us we could only take our kayak (our Dagger Axis) out on the water if we were going to fish from the kayak.  I told him I didn’t want to fish today and he then told me we would have to leave because they only allowed people who want to fish.  The crowds you can see were overwhelming, but we also won’t be going back to this lake any time soon either.

Local Paintings and Artwork of Auburn via iPhone at Publix

The photo of the day today is paintings by a local artist (although I have yet to figure out who) and was actually taken with my iPhone.  I am finding more and more true photography opportunities with my iPhone camera than I every would have thought possible by a phone camera.  This shot was taken of local artwork that hangs in the entrance to a new Publix store in town.

I actually love taking photos of other photos, or of other artwork (see a good example from the Atlanta airport in 50mm).  The light fades slightly as it moves across the image, but it’s still not bad at all for a phone.

The Overlook of Creede Colorado Valley in the Fall

The photo of the day today comes from an overlook of a tiny old mining town called Creede Colorado, which sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by 10,000 foot mountain peaks. The air is crisp, clean, and extremely quiet, and from this vantage point the town looks a little like a toy train center piece (click on the photo to see the details).  This was just before the snow started falling for the winter.

The New Auburn Arena Opens for Basketball Soon

Photo of the day today is the entrance to the new Auburn Arena, scheduled for it’s first grand opening on October 15th. Basketball season is just around the corner, can’t wait. We have been looking forward to the new Auburn Arena opening for years now and we are just getting our first look at the inside, it’s so shiny and new, should be a fantastic venue for a basketball game.