Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Running Windows 7 on an iPad iOS Device

This was another very difficult topic this week from the Weekly Photo Challenge over at WordPress, and I decided to completely forgo the theological “wrong” since I covered one of those last week, and besides that topic is just too enormous to narrow down for this post. Since I’m such a huge fan of semiotics (not to be confused with the nonexistent signology, or the non-theological Sinology), I thought this whole week I would post one of the many “wrong” signs I came across. There were so many possibilities, like the photo of what to do when you get locked in a restaurant bathroom, or the creative porta-potty business owners here in Auburn, but I thought those just too tacky for the sophistication of this series.

If you are wondering why I’m even doing this Daily Post series called the Weekly Photo Challenge (which is actually part of the larger WordPress series called the Post a Day series), it is because it makes me think outside the box, and that helps me with almost everything I do. When doing some photographic research for an artistic interpretation of “wrong” you get some really weird stuff, like this not-so-innocent looking cat. That really makes a true photographic interpretation of wrong open to almost anything the heart desires, emulating our world today I might add.

In keeping with my desire to photograph something unique amongst all the other posts I tried to figure out what the stereotype photo of what “wrong” would be, and I have concluded there isn’t one. So instead, I chose the ultimate wrong of our technology culture today by using my iPad as an example, but it’s more like a Where’s Waldo wrong than a smack you in the face wrong.

It’s probably overly obvious to some, but I’m sure not to all. Anyone… ?

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong”

  1. nice reading, love your take on wrong!


  2. Sanctified Brother Avatar
    Sanctified Brother

    OK, I see Windows on an iPad. What’s it like? Is it like running Parallels on a Mac or is it something different altogether?


    1. It’s an app called OnLive, and it’s free… it is a little slow, but not as slow as Parallels 🙂

      I actually don’t have much of a use for it because I don’t do hardly anything that only requires a windows machine, but it’s good for that.


      1. Sanctified Brother Avatar
        Sanctified Brother

        Aah, I see. I haven’t used Windows since the good old days of consulting in firms using Windows 2000… Always been a Mac user, though. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. OK, I get that on one level this seems wrong (because Steve Jobs programmed us that way), but think this: if we could get politicians to work that well together, imagine the possibilities!


    1. true… but Gates and Jobs is a great example of totally different philosophies, almost to the point of unreconcilable, but both were needed to make technology what it is today.


      1. Absolutely – and I wouldn’t want to be without what either one developed. But in the interest of the consumer (and continued future $uccess)… you can have Windows 7 on your device! 😉


  4. Oh no you … oh, you did. 🙂


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