Makayla Massey Senior Photo Shoot for 2013

Makayla Massey Senior Photo Shoot

I so rarely do senior photo shoots, but somehow I ended up doing two within two weeks of each other this summer. This is the first one with Makayla who is entering her senior year next week. Even though I don’t get to do many of these shoots, I love the personal attention and time you get to spend with the parents and the student. It is nice to get to know people a little better than just the normal setting. On this occasion, Deborah and Cindy (Makayla’s mom), got to walk out into the deep thick grass of the pasture in 100*F weather while we did the shoot. Thank goodness you can’t tell that everyone except Makayla is sweating to death. Makayla did super, hope she has a wonderful senior year this year.

Below are a few of my favorites from the shoot that evening. You can see a few more over on my Flickr site as well.

Makayla Massey Senior Photo Shoot
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