Lee Cadden Saying Don’t Mess with My Electronic Fruit

Photo of the day today comes from our head of College Ministries at Cornerstone, Lee Cadden. Lee joined the staff at Cornerstone in February 2010 and has the complex task of ministering to the college students in and around the Auburn/Opelika area. Lee is one of us fellow bloggers so if you get a chance to check out his blog, he does some heavy lifting with the college students like the most recent Sex before Marriage…what’s the big deal?, Sex before Marriage – Part 2 :: Accepting Responsibility, and the Discipline of a College student. Lee is one of the many on staff that make Cornerstone such a great place to work but an even better place to worship our Lord.

Lee and several other staff bloggers will be posting for the upcoming Lenten Reader and “I AM” series, so if you get a chance visit the staff blogs page at Cornerstone and add them to your rss reader.

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