Deborah Shares Her New Look with Ebby

A few people who didn’t get a chance to say hi to Deborah on Sunday asked me where the photo of her short hair is, so today, it’s the photo of the day. She was slightly concerned that Ebby wouldn’t recognize her but not even sure Ebby noticed. Deborah has very long hair her whole life so this is a pretty dramatic change but I think it looks great.  She has already decided after wearing this cut for a few days that she wants it even shorter than it is here, so by next week she may go back to Pam and have her cut it even shorter.

Either way I love the way it looks.

🟢 Cat:

2 responses to “Deborah Shares Her New Look with Ebby”

  1. Courtney C. Avatar

    She looks SO beautiful!!!!!! Please tell her that I love her short haircut!

  2. Barb Fillmer Avatar
    Barb Fillmer

    Love the new look! Very flattering!

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