Love is Being the Church in Buloba Uganda

I love it when the church actually is the church.  Paul had such a desire to get to the unreached nations of the world that he probably died on his way to Spain, not in retirement, but with a passion to reach Spain and the world beyond for Christ.  There are many things and purposes for the local church, but one undeniable charge to us from Matthew 28 is to tell those people who have never heard about Christ, the great news of salvation.

This week our church sent the latest team over to Uganda.  After commissioning them on Sunday in the photo above, they were off to Atlanta for 16 hours of flight time through several countries.  We are partnering with a local church in Buloba, Uganda to literally help build the church over there.  It has been such a great long term, ongoing effort, and I know everyone that has gone to Africa has come back with a great exhilaration for what God is doing in Uganda.

If you would like to follow their blog posts while they are over there for the next week, you can read their posts on their blogs at Lee Cadden and Brian Johnson.  Some photos from Uganda taken from Lee’s blog are below, the sunset is looking over Lake Victoria in Uganda, very near where they are staying.  Be sure to check out both of their blogs for the latest.

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