Happy Anniversary Deb 17 Years Has Flown By

It’s is hard to believe but today, 17 years ago, my wife and I got married.  This particular anniversary was a little different since Deborah would normally be sitting in the next room on a normal day, and this week she is in Denver teaching a hand quilting class, and it just happen to fall on our anniversary.  So, Happy Anniversary Deborah.  I think this is actually the first time in 17 years that we actually haven’t been together on June 11th.

The time has just flown by, yet I can almost remember every day.  Anyone who says marriage is easy is crazy (or isn’t married) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything with you Deborah.  Sorry we couldn’t be together today, so in place of getting to go out somewhere nice tonight, I, of course decided to make a video for you of little bits of our 17 years together.

Really really hard to believe it has been 17 years.  Can’t wait to see what 17 more years has in store for us (which would be the year 2027, yikes).

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3 responses to “Happy Anniversary Deb 17 Years Has Flown By”

  1. Flaviu Avatar

    happy anniversary, bro!!!!! wow, 17. wishing you many more, filled of peace from above. best to you and yours, flav

    1. Scott Fillmer Avatar

      thanks so much, really appreciate it.

  2. Jim Gray Avatar

    wow…really? it will be 17 years for us as well on July 17th…

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