How to Show Nintendo Wii Your Love // Video

This video put me over the top for this Christmas.  They put it up on YouTube (or posted online) so I figure it is fair game all around.  Is this really how much we love our things today?  I am sure the family was happy they got their son something he would like and were excited themselves, but this video was pretty disgusting to me.  This was this boy’s true reaction to receiving a gift of plastic and metal, something the world has created into a level of importance like few other things this Christmas.  Maybe I am seeing it totally wrong, quite possible.  I have a tendency to over-analyze anyway, but to me this video showed where our hearts really are in the world today.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Wii or Nintendo or anything like that is evil or wrong, heck, I bought my wife a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, but thank goodness she didn’t have this reaction.  It is the reaction we have in our heart, the importance we place items and objects, especially when we give them priority over our Lord for one, but our family, and our sanity.  Anyway, here it is… be for warned, lower your speakers.

So… what do you think?  Not sure what I could give Deb that would make her have that reaction, but then again, she already has the best gift of all, and we tried really hard to focus on Jesus this Christmas, not just the Nintendo Wii.

Update: New Nintendo Wii Video

Seth Godin’s blog picked up this video from the post here, this is a collection of more of the same from the video I posted above. I think Seth is correct, it has reached critical mass.

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