Alabama vs Utah Football on Tap Today :: Friday Feet

Bike Ride

This has been a busy week and a busy Friday.  We started off the day with some tree trimming work on the farm.  Always good exercise and never a lack of work to be done.  The temperature has been going crazy lately.  Yesterday it was freezing and today it was about 60* so I managed to get in about a 10 mile bike ride before the bowl games started.

The bowl game of the day of course is Alabama vs Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.  It has been a very long time since Auburn has not made it to a bowl game, so this year I am just going to have to go for Alabama.  Hopefully next year we will be back in a bowl game somewhere warm.

Friday Feet today was a triple shot of trees, bike, and football (although the football game was Kentucky vs Easy Carolina, which was also a very good game).  As I write this the Alabama game is now and Utah has taken a touchdown lead, it should be a great game.  This year it seems like it has been a very long holiday and I am looking forward to getting back to a normal work week and to next weekend when Deb and I will take a short break down in Orange Beach.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Tree Clearing

Kentucky vs East Caroline

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