Auburn Football Practice Starts in the Rain This Year

Auburn Football Practice 2008

Today I went to check out another Auburn football practice, the first two-a-day this year with three more to go. For those who don’t live in the SEC Conference or know anything about football in the state of Alabama, this pretty much starts the craziest time of the year, at least in Auburn.

Football is king in Alabama, and when you happen to live in the city of Auburn, even football practice gets big attention. The parking lot was full at the practice field in Auburn and I managed to walk up, take a few shots, and then the sky just opened up. It hasn’t rained consistently here in almost two years, and today, it poured. I couldn’t even get in the car fast enough to get the 200 football players sprinting for the locker room.

And Then There Was Rain

By the time I got in the car and through the traffic jam that ensued, there were only a few poor souls left chasing down the yard markers and flying debri, but I was there as well.

Auburn Football Practice Canceled for Rain

Auburn Football Practice Canceled for Rain

I will try again on Friday. I did manage to get these shots and a few others (see practice gallery) since the rain happened to be blowing away from the window of my car. I love the guy in the truck, content with the fact that he is soaked, no doubt glad to just be sitting.

There is no two-a-day on Friday as they are going to do a full scrimmage on Saturday at Jordan-Hare Stadium (closed to all public and press). I think I read a report that said they wanted to take about 100 snaps on Saturday, but Friday they should be in full pads at 9:30am, hopefully with no rain.

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