Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos from Colorado

It took a while to edit the images but I have completed the upload for the wedding photos from the Bryan and Sara Fillmer wedding. All in all there were about 4,000 photos, which I edited to 4 galleries and about 300 final images, with one additional gallery that includes my picks.

Below are some of my personal favorites from the wedding, if you want the short version of the wedding, you can click on the gallery called photographer’s picks, which is about 20 of my favorites and is more of what is shown below. You can view each gallery individually (best viewed in the slideshow format link in the upper right corner) from the links below.

Wedding Gallery and Quick Picks

Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos
Brides Maids Legs and Tatoos

To view more images from the gallery above, just click on photographer’s picks. To view the other galleries you can click on the links below. Be sure to click on the slideshow format to view all images in a larger, continuous manner.

  • Gallery for Nails and Food on Friday – Gallery 1
  • Gallery for Sara’s Bridal Shoot – Gallery 2
  • Gallery for Rehearsal Dinner – Gallery 3
  • Gallery for Wedding Day Photos – Gallery 4

You can also just go to my main photo gallery, Auburn Images, and click on weddings, then click on the appropriate links.

2 responses to “Bryan and Sara Wedding Photos from Colorado”

  1. Great job, Scott. I know it’s added stress when shooting a wedding for family but you pulled it off.

    Enjoying the 700?

    Chad Wrights last blog post..The blow-out-extravaganza-fire-sale 1,000th post: Politics


  2. You did such an awesome job on the photos!


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