Tony Snow Dead at the Age of 53

After a battle with colon cancer that had spread to his liver, Tony Snow died today at the age of 53. He was someone my family watched and followed for many years through the news and at the White House.

Although I did not know him or his family, our prayer are extended to them this morning.

You can read the full story in the news here, but if you are not familiar with what this man did in his life you can also read the Tony Snow Wikipedia file which has some interesting information about his life as well.

He was a punch bag and a punch line for the left, but just as with the loss of Tim Russert, you can see how much of their lives were spent engaged with the well being of this country. I was no less saddened to see Tim Russert pass on as Snow, you can’t have one side without the other.

This has been a strange year of loss at and around our household, and the country, (Michael Debakey also died this morning), and although I wouldn’t begin to say this is a loss for us over what his family has now lost, it is a loss for the nation as a whole. Regardless of what political side you are on, he was a man of courage and integrity and our house will miss seeing him.

It only reinforces the importance of our relationship with our Lord, and the fact that no, none of us are long for this side of eternity.

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