My Faith Renewed in the Kindness of People Today

Some times we go through our days gripping and complaining about this and that. Even though we know it is an unproductive and “ugly” quality, sometimes the day just gets the better of us. Yesterday, I was having one of those harder days of the week, and then I got this email.

Dear islandzephyr,
Hello, i would like to send you some more money for shipping and supplies and shipping insurance if possible, I would much rather you pack it well and i dont think 10.00 would cover that, I want to paypal you an extra 20.00. thanks paul

This may not seem like a whole lot to some of you who don’t go through the daily packaging and processing of orders, but in 15 years of doing business on the Internet, this is the first time anyone has ever sent an email like that to me.  I have even had people complain about shipping when it was free, but not like this. My standard customer seems to be related to one of my previous rants, called The Complaining Christian Can Leave where we tend to get nickel and dimed to death over petty issues. Not this time.

It just reminded me of how something very short, and positive, can change the whole outlook of a day, and this goes both ways. It had nothing to do with the money, it was just the caring of the other individual. Thanks Paul for showing me another side of who our customers are, a stark contrast to the buyers described in my other article.

One thought on “My Faith Renewed in the Kindness of People Today

  1. Scott, I love your blog page. I hadn’t visited it in a while and it looks great. Where do I find this kind of template? Also I took a look at some of your pictures. They are awesome. Very good pics. NOTE… I can relate to this post. The slightest positive thing in todays interaction with customers is very rewarding and all we need sometimes to keep driving on. It really does mean a lot. Good post.

    steves last blog post..The Church Bus


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