Blogoscoped and Possibly Longest Post I Have Ever Read

word-countI came across this post today, called Kevin Fox of Gmail & FriendFeed on User Experience Design
and, although it was a lot of really good information, along with the title, it was A LOT of information. There are so many blogs out there with good info that I have probably 400 feeds in my rss reader.

I don’t read all on a daily basis, but this one is one of the blogs I try to skim over.

This particular post could be the longer post ever made on a blog as a single post. I punched it into Word and I got a total of 23 pages, with 8,151 words, and a whopping 45,878 characters.

Wow, I am long winded myself. Anyone that has ever received an email from me knows this, but I don’t think I can top this one. It was good information but wow. As far as a general rule of thumb about blogging is you try to keep it to a few small paragraphs, a page or two, anything more won’t hold the readers attention.

Of course this is a blog by Googleites, so they probably have the leaway of doing whatever they feel like doing and it probably won’t matter. Good post guys, lots of good info, but then it would have to be at 23 pages.

Other Tips of Note

I looked at a few other blog feeds in this category I normally read and I have listed them below just as general information if you are interested. Most of these are blogging blogs on how to blog. So, what is the longest blog post you have ever written?

Leave a comment with the link below so we can all take a look (can’t say I will read it though).

Some things I keep in mind when doing a blog post.

  1. Break up paragraphs into one or two sentences
  2. Try to keep the post under 5 minutes reading time
  3. Use headings (h2 or h3 tags) for bullet points
  4. Include links to other blogs if mentioned
  5. Go read and comment on someone else’s blog instead of writing

How Long is Your Last Post

So, how long was your longest post. Did it bring in a lot of traffic to your blog or did you think about if someone was actually going to read something that long or not? I forget all the time. Even this post should have been shorter but I never know when to stop.

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