Bachelor Loop Road in Creede Colorado, a Must See

Cabin at Bachelor Loop Near Creed Colorado

I finally got back around to doing the photo of the day. This image is from a trail called Bachelor Loop that runs from the town center of Creede Colorado up into the mountain that overlooks the city, then back down the other side.  The road runs in front of the cabin and you can see it in the photo here.  It is a dirt forest road (not big at all, one lane at most) that winds around the mountains through Bachelor Loop.

It is an incredible drive as far as scenery goes, but you better leave your nerves behind and make sure your have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, at least in the colder months. The road here in front of the cabin is the loop road, which narrows greatly as you go up the mountain.  This image of the cabin just calls out Colorado to me. Isolated at times, in the mountains, dirt roads, beautiful surroundings. Colorado has some incredible places to visit.

I have started to add my images like this image of the day, current, and past photo shoots to my business gallery, called Scott Fillmer Photography.  You can see additional images here as I add them to Auburn Images gallery, or just click on the link at the top of this blog called gallery. Enjoy.

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