Trip to Houston Festival and Quilt Show

Well, where should I begin?

Scott and I went back and forth weighing our options for taking the bus to Texas during the Houston Festival Quilt Show. The original plan was for me to take the truck and the booth and do the show myself and then come back to North Carolina. We then decided to take the bus, truck and trailer to Dallas where Scott could stay during the show and fill our eBay orders while I went down to Houston with the truck and booth to do the show. We have a wi/fi connection in Tool at mom and David’s house so Scott’s work would not be disrupted too much.

Then the price of gasoline and diesel started climbing.

So, we returned to the original plan until mom and David called us and told us that they had purchased a piece of property and would be purchasing a tractor to use there. Scott couldn’t stand the thought of being in North Carolina, doing his job and mine, while I was gone for two weeks. He also really wanted to see the land and drive the tractor. So, a week before the show the plans have changed again.

We left North Carolina on Tuesday the 26th of October and headed for Dallas. We drove approximately 350 miles per day, staying at Flying J’s three nights and arrived here yesterday, Saturday, October 30.

Today, we attended our church, Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano where we worshiped and got on our knees to pray for God’s will to be done in the upcoming election. We truly feel that this election is a choice for America between good and evil. The election takes place on Tuesday, the day I drive to Houston.

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