Back from the Houston Quilt Show Again

The Houston Quilt Show and the Presidential election are both over now and if one had to be better than the other I am glad things turned out the way they did. The Houston show was down about 75% from years past, but we still made a little. At the end of the show I sold the gridwall and hooks. We then decided to not do anymore quilt shows for now and to concentrate on our eBay bead sales. Mom has learned how to count beads and has taken some of the pressure of my job away.

The election turned out better than we expected or hoped for. President George W. Bush won reelection over John Kerry in both the popular vote and the electoral college. The republicans netted 4 more seats in the House of Representatives and most of the media are attributing the wins to the evangelical voters coming out to vote. God truly is great!

I drove home (to Dallas) immediately after the show on Sunday evening, arriving around 11:30 pm. This allowed me to fill about 87+ orders on Monday morning. Things are slowly getting back to normal around here.

David is going to build a cabinet for our entertainment center in the front of the bus next week and Scott and I are going to trade office spaces. I am taking over the back bedroom and he is getting the front living area.

Christmas presents are now in production and coming together nicely. Pictures to follow.

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