Project 365 for 2012

Project 365 [Day 163] Self Portrait Reflection in the Car Window
Project 365 [Day 163] Self Portrait Reflection in the Car Window
Project 365 [Day 163] Self Portrait Reflection in the Car Window

Project 365 for 2012

Project 365 has been a goal of mine for years and years, probably long before anyone ever started calling it Project 365. Starting this household year of mine (November 29th 2011) I am going to make the greatest attempt to actually complete this project. To complete the project, I intend to take, and post, at least one unique photo every single day for 365 days. I am going to start this project for 2012 with the aspiration that I will continue it in 2013 and beyond, so this year, the project is so called :2012. Daily photos will be posted in a Flickr gallery (found via until I can figure out a better way to do, and posted periodically here by day number of the project. For a look at the random blog posts here you can follow the P365 tag.

The Project Purpose

  • Discipline in Completion
  • To have a photographic look at the month
  • Documentation
  • To reach a set goal
  • Improve my creativity
  • Learn how to be a better photographer

The Project Details

In the future I may find a better way to present this project as a whole, but for now, it will be monthly updates on the blog (see Project 365 Update), random daily posts on the blog, and about once every few weeks I will update the :2012 gallery with the actual images. If you are working on Project 365, send it over my way, I would love to check it out as well. Below are just a few quick images from Flickr that represent this year so far. I love this project because it really gives me a look at our normal everyday life in Auburn.

You can read blog post articles relating to Project 365 or see the photos posted to the main gallery album on Flickr on Flickr. Below are selections from 2012.

Flickr Gallery for all Project 365 for 2012 Images

0001 Rainy Day Driving in Auburn

Selections from Project 365 for 2012

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  1. My first time hearing about this great photo journey, thanks for sharing the great photos.

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