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  • The Church

    The Church

    This project is to showcase the diversity of “The Church” by showcasing the buildings (inside or outside) I have come across and photographed. I started photographing churches a long time ago, before I was on staff at a local church, and now I’ve tried to curate a collection of how different every single church…

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  • Rural Decay

    Rural Decay

    This project is one that takes a look at abandon, or seemingly abandon, structures and locations in the rural areas near to where I live. Most of these images in this project will be in the immediate surrounding areas of southeastern U.S.

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  • Self Portraits

    Self Portraits

    This project found inspiration for this through the portrait work of Dan Winters, Sean Tucker, Fiona Lark, and Vivian Maier. Self portraits are so unlike the smart phone “selfies,” we are all accustomed to today. Each image tells a unique story, capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and introspection, and marks a time and place…

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  • Stadium Views

    Stadium Views

    Stadium Views takes a look at Jordan-Hare Stadium from a local perspective, from someone who has lived in Auburn for over 20 years. These images were created over the span of a few decades and are still being added to today in 2023. I’ve tried to show Jordan-Hare in its many different seasons, during football…

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  • Aviation Stories

    Aviation Stories

    Since 2002, I’ve been capturing the awe-inspiring world of aviation through my lens. It all started with the Nikon D100, the pioneer of digital SLRs, which opened up a new realm of possibilities for me. Over the years, I’ve meticulously curated this collection, immortalizing the elegance and power of each aircraft, each scene, locked into…

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  • Sailboat Yarns

    Sailboat Yarns

    We have had several sailboats over the years, these galleries are photos that take a look at sailboats in general. For our specific sailboats you can read By Sea. The term “sailing yarns” comes from telling tall tails, or yarns, and all sailors have those stories. I try to place an image on the sailing…

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  • Low Light Portfolio

    Low Light Portfolio

    This is a curated collection of my photography catalog based around low light photography. Low light photography takes some special attention to get the image sharp, and the light just the way you want it, but it is one of the most rewarding forms of photography.

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  • Auburn Portfolio

    Auburn Portfolio

    Auburn has been in my heart from the very beginning, and there are so many things in Auburn that make it Auburn. This is what this portfolio collection is all about, showing the different aspects of Auburn over the years as I have seen them.

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  • Weather Portfolio

    Weather Portfolio

    This is a curated collection of my photography based around weather, nature, storms, and so on. Weather isn’t always bad, sometimes, most of the time, it’s just there in the background in the form of heat and light and colors. This is my look at the weather.

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  • Black & White Portfolio

    Black & White Portfolio

    This collection is a curated look at my efforts in Black and White photography. I have studied this art form in photography for a long time and still haven’t come close to mastering it. But I love black and white because this is the pure art form of photography.

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  • People Portfolio

    People Portfolio

    This is a curated collection of my photography based around people. I have never been a “portrait” photographer or an outright “street photographer” but I admire and appreciate both, and my collection is a combination of both of those art forms. I learned a great deal about portrait photography from Dan Winters through his mammoth…

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  • LOKI


    This page is dedicated to our Ford Econoline E-250 Van Conversion LOKI that as of 2023 we are currently converting into a camper van. Eventually I will be posting all kinds of photos on this page to update the progress of our van conversion.

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  • Colors Portfolio

    Colors Portfolio

    This is a curated collection using colors in photographic composition. Not color photography, yes that is part of it, but what makes some of the best images in photography is when you isolate. Isolate colors and subjects, draw the viewers eye into the image because the subject is clear. These images span many years of…

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  • Sports Portfolio

    Sports Portfolio

    This is a curated collection of my sports related photography images that span many years. Living in the Auburn/Opelika area you have a hard time getting too far from sports of any kind. I’m not bias to any sport, I like them all (well maybe I’m a little bias towards baseball, it is the greatest…

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  • Aviation Portfolio

    Aviation Portfolio

    This is a curated collection of aviation photography images that spans many years. Aviation has always been a passion for me, and I love plane spotting when it’s possible. This portfolio goes from plane spotting in one of my most favorite locations, what was then known as Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, to my trips…

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I’m a freelance photographer and content manager based near Auburn, Alabama. I create everything from online content to managing social media so you can achieve what matters most to you.

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