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Month: January 2022

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Macro Mode

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Macro Mode

    I love macro photography. True marco 1:1 magnification (or greater) has been a long time favorite of mine for many years. The butterfly in this post was one such shot I took a while back with a Nikon 105mm Macro lens. When Apple announced the new iPhone 13 received a “close focus” lens i was…

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  • A Fresh Update for a Post Pandemic Time

    A Fresh Update for a Post Pandemic Time

    We certainly aren’t post pandemic yet, but surely someday we will be, I hope. My blog hasn’t necessarily been hiding under a chair like my cat, but it hasn’t been far off from that reality either. Last year, among other things, we worked hard on building a backyard pond, (Deborah’s blog has kept up with…

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  • Thoughts on Feedly, Inoreader, and RSS Readers

    Thoughts on Feedly, Inoreader, and RSS Readers

    I love the RSS feed and think it’s one of the most powerful tools someone can use to filter and currate content on the web. It’s also one of the most undervalued and underused options. Unfortunately on March 13, 2013, Google announced they were discontinuing Google Reader, stating the product had a loyal but declining…

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  • Fresh Fog with

    Fresh Fog with

    What a great time to be on the internet right now. It feels like a time back in the day when really cool and exciting things were being created faster than you could figure out. In 2022 we’re on the cusp of another internet revolution. This time it’s a decentralized, web3, crypto baked in blockchain…

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