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Month: May 2016

  • Graflex Speed Graphic Medium Format Film Camera

    Graflex Speed Graphic Medium Format Film Camera

    If you study the history of photography from it’s first shot through today’s almost incalculable iterations, you will see the art form takes on an enormous range of artistic expressions. I’m actually proud to say I started off in the age of film photography. I know what it’s like to have to be super intentional…

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  • Exploration of Old Schoolhouse

    Exploration of Old Schoolhouse

    Perhaps a little known fact about me is I really love the unique beauty of urban decay, but in my case, it’s rural decay. In the south, as is the case virtually all over the world, you see abandoned buildings, houses, and various different structures that are being reclaimed by nature. You’ve heard of “urban…

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  • Setting Up Field Astrophotography

    Setting Up Field Astrophotography

    The clear summer skies are upon us it seems, so my nephew and I setup for some viewing and photography last night. For more of a how-to-tutorial I should at some point talk equipment and setup but I’ll save that for another day. The skies were clear last night but the atmospheric conditions were not…

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  • Photography at Southern Museum of Flight

    Photography at Southern Museum of Flight

    I finally made it over to the Southern Museum of Flight. I have lived, worked, and traveled around Birmingham for the better part of my life, but had never been over to this particular museum, even when I worked at the Birmingham Airport. On Saturday I had some uncommitted time in Birmingham and I decided…

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