One Boy’s Plea for Eternity Etched in Concrete

Outside the Cell Inside the Walls
Outside the Cell Inside the Walls
Outside the Cell Inside the Walls
Never Forget God's Children
Never Forget God’s Children

This second photo above with the writing on the wall might not seem like much at first, especially without bringing out the contrast in the image, the writing on the wall is almost unseen. The boy in the first image at the top is sitting right in front of the window where I took this second shot (farthest window to the left). Etched and scratched into a concrete wall, in an almost morbid sense of humanity for a child, are written these words:

Never forget Masaba Derick from Mbale Town good boy from Kampiringisa

This boy’s home town, Mbale, is a tiny little village hours and hours away from where I photographed this image in the Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre, so there is no telling how he ended up in this Children’s facility, or if or when he left. These facilities exist all over Uganda, and some, like this one, were not staffed with adults, but yet it housed hundreds of kids who had to just fend for themselves. No electricity, no water, and in many ways, no hope. This image, taken in October 2011, just stuck with me over the last several months.

By the point I took this image above, this particular building was no longer being used to actively house anyone, but obviously it did at some point. One thing I do know, God has not forgotten these children, whether they know it yet or not. To see more images from this particular day, see They are Hidden but Not Forgotten or go to my Stories section to see others.

4 responses to “One Boy’s Plea for Eternity Etched in Concrete”

  1. Wow, that is very haunting. Thanks for sharing the photo and the background.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. It reminds us of the great need in the world and how rich even poor America is. Blessings to you and your family. Karen


  3. Reblogged this on Living Beautifully and commented:
    A Great Post. Let’s not ever Forget How blessed we truly Are. What ever you are Going through some one is going through Worse, What ever you are feeling some one is feeling worse. Don’t ever forget…. Thank You JESUS CHRIST!


  4. Scott, Really enjoy your blog. Your photos are amazing and these from K’gisa are no exception. My wife and I just got back from 4 months in Uganda for our adoption and we were privileged to visit with the kids there. Our time worshiping and playing with the kids is something that we’ll never forget.

    Thanks for sharing.


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