Almost Time to Say Goodbye to Uganda at Least for Now

This has been a trip that really is hard to describe in words, really. It took 66 books of scripture to go over God’s plan for His people, so trying to describe how God moved in and around our team over the last week feels almost impossible. I’m glad I had the ability to take photos on this trip since to me words are often not enough, but a photo sometimes says so much more.

We leave to go home tomorrow and I leave you with one of my favorite shots of the trip (from the ones I have been able to look at so far). I took approximately 12,000 images over the last week and if I had to look back at one image that means a lot to me it’s the one above.

On Saturday I was able to meet our sponsor child, Joanita, and she was very shy. She didn’t seem to want to play too much with the kids and didn’t have a whole lot to say to me either, but I really wanted to spend some time with her. So, that particular day the kids held elections for their school offices and every single child had to vote (it took quite a while and if you look at the photo closely you will see the little boy resting on my shoes has a purple thumb, colors from the voting process).

I asked her to sit down with me and pulled out one of my notebooks and the three colored pencils and three colored pens and just handed them to her. She said there for about an hour and colored while I read my bible. We said nothing the whole time, she wasn’t interested in my camera like the other kids were but she sat there as content as one could be with something as simple as a piece of paper and a pencil.

Of course it never takes long to have a large crowd of kids nearby so I was soon gathered by 40 or 50 of her closest friends and we all sat there and watched her draw. I loved the shot I got while they just sat there, resting on my shoes, as calm as could be, perfectly happy to be caught up in the moment. It was a great memory from this week I will cherish.

Can’t wait to get on the plane tomorrow and see Deborah and everyone else on Wednesday but I also will miss those we are leaving behind.

3 responses to “Almost Time to Say Goodbye to Uganda at Least for Now”

  1. Becky Mitchell Avatar
    Becky Mitchell

    Great pictures. It fills my heart to see what you have seen there, especially the children. Thanks to the whole team for what has been accomplished. I pray your sports injuries heal quickly and you have a safe trip home. Blessings to you all.


  2. Barbara Fillmer Avatar
    Barbara Fillmer

    Safe travels home – Sounds like you have had an incredible time. Hope your knee heals soon so you can play again in October!


  3. Beautiful story. We have loved following the journey through your pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    (Bo’s sister)


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