Today was Haul Water From the Well Day :: Friday Feet

Yes, we are so far out of town that we don’t even have access to city water, and we love our well. Every time I go down to my well to get water I think about our friends in Uganda getting water from their well. I see it photos every time one of our teams comes back home and I’m sure I will see it myself in person next week. Of course we don’t haul our water from miles away for daily use, but I do haul about 50 gallons of water (that’s 400 pounds) by hand from about a 100 yards away, about once a month. It is somewhat self imposed because we could always just drink it out of the facet but our well water is slightly acidic and when it sits in our copper pipes during the day it tends to turn things green from the copper. So about once a month we haul water, specifically for drinking, from our well up to our house. The water straight out of the well some 300 feet down comes out so crystal clear, untouched by any city or chemicals and about stays about 50*F all year round.

I know it’s not the same situation or life altering access to water our friends in Uganda are sustained upon but it still reminds me of them every day and I feel like I have an ever so slight understand what it means to have to haul water to your house to drink. I want to overemphasize “slight” because it isn’t even a close comparison at all. We have a well for our house and they have a well for their entire community. But before we moved out here I had ZERO understanding of what it meant to have a well at all, I always just turned on the faucet and water came out. Still, the basic concept is the same all over the world. When our house was built we had no access to water so the only option was to drill a well. I can’t wait to see the well our church helped drill with our friends in Uganda, I know it’s going to remind me of my well here in Auburn. Today, it my Friday Feet, maybe next Friday I will be able to take a shot of their well and do another Friday Feet with a well from Buloba.

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