Center Day Breakfast with the Kids in Buloba

Today was what is called Center Day at Buloba Church. It is where all the sponsor kids from the different schools come to Buloba where they get breakfast, an porridge that is made right there over some wood coals, a bible study, and then some singing, lunch, and today voting for their school leaders. I have so many great shots from the day but these here are just a look at how they do the breakfast, it was that amazing.

Trying to Figure out How to Tell a Thousand Stories Simultaneously

I came here, in part, with the hope of being able to tell some stories through pictures, now, with a few days left on this trip I don’t even know where to begin. There are a thousand stories for every scene and situation that we come across. If I have time, I’m going to post a few here tonight while we still have power (it’s off and on). Yesterday we went to a few houses to install rain catches. I know nothing about installing these things but the lady of the house came out to get water in this 50 liter jug(?) thing and I couldn’t believe she was going to do this by herself. As you can see below I couldn’t even carry it by myself. This lady, and several others were around the front of the house and they got to laugh at the two white people trying to carry something a woman did every day. There were really sweet ladies. For some reason I haven’t figured out yet, the kids when you take their picture (for the most part) grin from ear to ear but the adults go stone-face when their photo is taken, so many of the adults, like these three woman in the photo below were laughing with us and smiling until the second we took the pic. They are pretty amazing.

The first shot below shows the rain barrel that was partly full of rain runoff. I am filling the blue bucket with a pan to take it back to her house. The second shot and third is just trying to life the can which had to weigh something like 70 pounds at a minimum. The lady in the shot below is who we were taking the water to and if you look in the back behind her that house (the lady sitting in the opening) also had a great story. The shot of me with the little boy actually ended up being Tonya Styles sponsor child who was watching us install the rain catch systems (so if anyone on Facebook can tell her it’s over here that would be great).

A Special Uganda Soccer Friday Feet Edition :: Part 2

Here is the second edition of the Friday Feet post. It was amazing to see these guys play with no shoes, broken shoes, shoes with no laces, and everything in between, and no body seemed to care, the only thing any of them cared about was getting to play soccer. It was an amazing day, can’t wait to share more photos with everyone. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day so I’m not sure if or when my next post will be but I and the entire team really appreciate your prayers while we move ahead over here. I know for myself I have seen God work in ways I never dreamed possible before I left Auburn, and I can’t wait to see what the next few days will be like.

A Special Uganda Soccer Friday Feet Edition :: Part 1

I just couldn’t figure out how to eliminate some of these photos so I am going to just do a special two part version of my Friday Feet post. Because we are basically a day ahead these images (except for the one above) were taken yesterday when we went to St. Francis College to play football with the “kids”. These actually ended up not being kids but 17-24 year olds that have lived and breathed soccer-football since they were born.

I never could have imagined how we would be able to connect with the kids and these guys at St Francis and other places just by setting down some goals and bringing a bag of soccer balls. People came from all over the place to play soccer with the Mzungus (the white people), not just from the local schools but from all over the city. From what I hear they are putting together a team in Buloba to play our guys some 4 full 90 minute games over Saturday and Sunday afternoon. It has been so amazing to see doors being opened by God that probably never would have been before just because of a common language of a soccer game. It has never mattered that we don’t speak the same language when the soccer game is the connection.

I have a ton of images I want to post but for today I’m going to do my traditional feet post but I can’t wait to post others. Earlier today we went to Buloba and put up rain catch systems for some “houses”, which needs it’s own post. The rain catch systems are vital and one house we installed I saw a 65+ year old lady carry a 50 LITER container of water by herself that both Jason and I had trouble lifting (we did carry it for her, that was too much to watch). Tomorrow we are headed back to Buloba for Center Day, which is when all the sponsor kids from all the schools come to Buloba Church for a meal and bible study and other things. I’m REALLY looking forward to finally getting to meet Jonaita, our sponsor child. Stay turned for part 2, sorry the pics might take a while to load but I am doing this on a cell connection from African lol.

This first post is from the soccer field when this enormous storm came and no body was going to leave. The only reason they stopped playing was because there was pretty strong lightning around the field. The second post coming up is just feet, that’s it. I wish I had taken a photo of the guys from Buloba who played with no shoes on. Some even played with flip flops (and were great).

Across Lake Victoria to Bethany Village Orphanage Today

I wish I had hours and hours to explain what we did today. I really can’t even yet comprehend what we did but I know we played a TON of soccer with the kids (some very big and fast) today. We started out at the Bethany Village orphanage which was an amazing place with amazing people. It is already almost 1am here local time so I am going to have to just post a few pics and call it a night. Wish I had time to post 100’s more.