Alabama Tornado Storm Damage from Dadeville Today :: Photos

Almost impossible to describe what we saw today as we took a small group of people from Cornerstone into Dadeville, AL. We didn’t know what to expect when we got there and most of the area was closed off, but the houses the police directed us to were way beyond needing trees cleaned up or anything like that, they just needed help finding their personal belongings so they could leave the area. It wasn’t partial damage where we were, it was complete destruction. The homeowners were more than gracious for having just lost everything and then having total strangers walking around their property. I tried to document what we saw as best I could while respecting the owners of the property. I spoke with each owner before taking any shots of course and they were more than accommodating to our group. To see the entire gallery from today visit Alabama Storm Damage April 2011.

8 responses to “Alabama Tornado Storm Damage from Dadeville Today :: Photos”

  1. Larry Gerdom Avatar
    Larry Gerdom

    Scott, Did you meet my friend Larry Parks? I think you were in his house or very close by. Is his wife Joyce going to be OK? Obviously, no way to reach them. Please respond if you can.


    1. Larry, if it is the couple I am thinking about, I met their nephew yesterday and he said his aunt was still in the hospital with some injuries from flying nails in her legs but that she would be ok, his uncle was beat up but going to be ok as well. I can’t remember their nephew’s name right off hand but would probably remember his name is someone mentioned it to me.


  2. […] This week was a devastating one for the state of Alabama and the southern United States in general.  Currently, the death toll is at 248 in Alabama and 345 across the south, with hundreds still missing from the viscous tornadoes that ripped across the south on Wednesday.  Tuscaloosa, AL seemed to be hit the hardest.  Scott ventured up to Dadeville, AL with some people from our church to assist in the relief effort on Saturday.  There is so much devastation everywhere that it is difficult to do anything, because anything you do to help just seems so small in comparison to the overwhelming power of the storm’s wrath and the aftermath.  To see some wonderful photos that Scott was able to capture on Saturday, please see this post. […]


  3. Hello, I am looking for my friends John and Cindy Moore. Their address is 128 Herren Camp Rd #2,
    Dadeville, Alabama.. I have been trying to reach them to no avail.. If anyone has any information
    regarding them please send me an e-mail message.


    1. i will be sure to pass along any information i receive.


  4. Hi Scott,

    I stumbled across your blog when searching for photographs of the devastation in Alabama. I was particularly moved by your photo of the cross with the freedom sign on it. My sister and I co-author a blog and along with several other “mommy” bloggers will be hosting a virtual blogger baby shower for a church in Tuscaloosa to provide diapers, formula, etc to parents who are in desperate need of these supplies right now. I am in the midst of writing my post for the shower which will be up on Monday. I was wondering if I could use the freedom photograph, with full credit given back to your blog of course, in my post? I would like to place it at the close of my post because it really represents the spirit of and determination together! 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you and I would end with a …”Roll Tide!” but I see you are in Auburn so I will this one time offer a “War Eagle!” whew! that was hard to do! lol

    For HIS glory!
    Heather Patterson


  5. […] credits: Water found here.  Damage found here, photography by Scott Fillmer.  He has other photos as well.  Check out his […]


  6. Saddened to see the disaster caused by the tornado . But good to see disaster management team works to restore the life of the affected ! Really good post .


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