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Month: May 2010

  • Memorial Day Flag Flying from Auburn Alabama

    I am glad we still celebrate Memorial Day in this country.  Somehow it seems that as the political correctness of our culture takes over everything we end up loosing an understanding of what made this country great in the first place.  It sickens me to see stories like the one of the Iraq veteran who…

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  • National Polka Festival in Ennis Texas 2010

    We have very few traditions in our house.  We usually try to have special days throughout the year, but not necessarily on the day everyone else decides it should be done.  One tradition we have maintained for the last five years is going to the annual National Polka Festival (their website needs a serious update)…

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  • Bose Great Customer Service on Damaged In-Ear Headphones

    Normally I would not just do a post to plug a specific company, unless they had done something really outstanding (or perhaps done something really poorly), which Bose has done now, at least twice.  Way back on November 26th 2008 I bought a pair of Bose TriPort In-Ear Headphones from Best Buy for around $100…

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  • How Do You Make a Maximum Impact on Something?

    After using tumblr for two plus years i finally figured out what it is good for, rough drafts or incomplete thoughts. Where my blog is for more polished and complete thoughts, tumblr makes a great place to throw out the unpolished. Below is an unpolished, incomplete thought process of a blog post i am working…

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  • The Work at Home Job Scam, the Freelance Job

    The Work at Home Job Scam, the Freelance Job

    This is a followup, and part 2 of a 4 part series, on the work at home factory job of today (read part 1, The Work at Home Job Scam, the New Factory.  This post deals with the freelance job market, the upcoming posts will deal with the call center jobs and Internet evaluator or website…

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  • How to Convert PDF to ePub File for an eBook Reader

    I recently purchased a copy of John Shaw’s eBook called John Shaw’s Digital Processing, A Personal Workflow using Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4 (a great book if you are a photographer looking for some insight into post-processing and the digital workflow process, well worth he $25) hoping I would be able to convert it to…

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  • Are You a Linchpin, Answer

    This is a followup from my previous post, Are You a Linchpin, Assignment, see also Linchpin and the Art of Photography.  The easy answer to this question is, yes, of course I am a Linchpin.  It’s about like asking someone if they think they have any value in this world at all.  Well if they…

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  • Linchpin and the Art of Photography

    This is the final followup from my previous posts, Are You a Linchpin, Assignment and an upcoming post Are You a Linchpin, Answer.  I took the above photo of Seth Godin back in 2009, see Tribes, We Need You To Lead Us by Seth Godin // Review, and shortly after I took that photo shoot,…

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  • Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

    Yesterday, as part of the 8PE series called the Mystical Elephant, we had a discussion on the mystery of miracles. Those unique times in history when God visibly entered into someone’s life, and changed it forever by seemingly breaking God’s own laws of nature. Many scholars and skeptics alike view the impossibility of miracles or…

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  • The Work at Home Job Scam, the New Factory

    It costs me $20-$30 per hour worked to have a work at home job.  Working from home is totally different, I am talking about a specific classification of job, the work at home job. The job that targets those who want to spend more time with their family, not waste half their life in traffic,…

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