2009 Photo-Video Character Cast

I finally finished my 2009 year end photo video, as soon as I can get it processed I am going to up load it, in the mean time, here is the cast that makes an appearance in the video.  The video is a collection of photos I took throughout 2009 of those listed below.

Deborah Fillmer

Ebby the Dog

Blazer the Dog

Dave Ramsey

Mark Gottfried

Korvotney Barber

Rusty Hutson

DeWanna Bonner

Brian Johnson

BJ Gilbert


Quantez Robertson

Cornerstone Youth

Josh Agerton

Lynn Blount

Steve Fee

Brad Lomenick

Andy Stanley

Craig Groeschel

Lanny Donoho

Trey Fetner

Dale Fillmer

Tay Waller

Rob Slocum

Ann Jackson

Carlos Whittaker

Jon Acuff

Seth Godin

Jack Fisher (with dog)

Ashley Coxwell

Larry Fillmer

Fee Band

Bill George (Harvard)

Ernie Johnson

Tony Morgan

Dewayne Reed

Jen Slocum

Tea-Party Protesters

Caitlin Beidler (Redemtion Art)

Hillsong United

John Wayne

Ravi Zacharias

Rick Warren

Francis Chan

Bon Qui Qui

Daley Hake

John Maxwell

Liz Murray (Homeless to Harvard)

Kevin Carroll

Mike Fisher

Townsend Fisher

Katy Fisher

Amy Coxwell

Julia Farrow

Buddy Blount

Tim Hawkins

Guy Kawasaki

William Fillmer

Amy Fisher

Teresa Cardin’s Car

WVU Fans

Kristen Johnson

Chris Slagley

The Duck

Dan King

Ben Agerton

Leslie Agerton

Issac Marchio

Levi Marchio

Martha Marchio

Marchio Family

Alabama Million Dollar Band

Auburn Marching Band

Abby Marchio

Bryan Fillmer

Oregon State and BYU


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