Storms Arriving in Auburn as We Leave for Gulf Shores

Cumulonimbus Clouds in the Pasture

Last weekend we tried to go camping but the rain never really let up.  Not only did it not let up, but the severe weather down in the gulf kept getting worse so we decided to give it a go this weekend.  We are or were pretty avid campers in the day and we have camped in just about every state in the country but haven’t been in quite a while.

I am looking forward to a bit of relaxing on the beach with some time to read and write, hopefully we will see a bit of sun while we are down on the gulf this weekend.  Below are some of the cloud formations we saw in the storms coming through this week.  I love clouds, they are almost like snowflakes, day is different and they are constantly moving.

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  1. Leo Gallant Avatar

    Nice Pics, dude. We too, are giving camping a go this weekend; so far the weather looks like it will cooperate. Hope the same for you!

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