Stomping in the Rainy Day Photos :: Friday Feet

Reflections in the Rain

Deborah in the Rain

Deborah in the Rain

Deborah in the Rain

Deborah in the Rain

Today we were supposed to be camping down in Mississippi with beautiful sunshine and warm breezes but the photos I took today show just why we decided to go another weekend.  Some huge frontal system moved in yesterday and seems to be continuing to move east from Texas making for a very wet and cold few days.  I decided to go out in the rain anyway and take a few photos.

Deb was very nice to put up with standing in the rain for about an hour while I ran around and tried to take some photos without getting a drop of water on my camera equipment.  I was a little disappointed that the rain lightened up once we decided to go out, I was looking for the drenching look but I am sure Deborah was more than happy with a light rain.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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