Rare March Snowstorm in Auburn 2009

Deborah watching the snow

A rare snowstorm hit the state of Alabama this weekend.  It was 3,319 days since any measurable snow was recorded at the Birmingham airport and today they reported 2 inches of snow.  That said, we are two hours southeast of Birmingham so I am sure it has been even longer down here.  It was quite a storm and it snowed almost all day today until the sun went down.  It is supposed to get into the mid-20’s tonight so all that snow is going to freeze and should stick around at least until tomorrow.

I took these images today on my way to Cornerstone and some here at the house once I got home.  No telling when the next heavy snowfall will come down to Auburn so I tried to take as many photos and video as I could.  The one unique shot here is of our tree swing.  This will make just about every weather season we could get from the same angle.  I now have Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, snow, rain, and several others which I will post all together.  You can see all the photos from the snow storm on my flickr account here or go right to the March 2009 Snowstorm gallery.

Flower in the snow

Heavy Snow on the Trees

Tree swing in the snow

Stop Sign in the Snow

Deborah and Ebby in the Snow

4 responses to “Rare March Snowstorm in Auburn 2009”

  1. Spunky wasn’t much for the snow, He kind of pranced around all snooty like he was better than the snow. Did his business and then immediately wanted to return in doors. Crazy dog.

    b/s last blog post..Revolutionaries // Leading a Cause // this is the stuff I’m passionate about


  2. […] a quick post to show you all some of Scott’s photos of the snow we had last week (click the link). Ebby wasn’t quite sure what to make of […]


  3. Wow. You guys got more snow than we did near B’ham. My kids went nuts. Dogs were not impressed.

    tabithas last blog post..Tax Time!


  4. […] just the very beginning of Spring here in Auburn (we have had March snowstorms before, see Rare March Snowstorm in Auburn 2009 and also Samford Hall and Auburn University in the Snow), one of the most beautiful times of the […]


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