Perdido Key National Seashore Photos :: Friday Feet

sea gull on the gulf coast

friday feet

bike ride in the gulf coast

plant in the sand

scott and deborah


Today was our first and last full day on the gulf coast.  For January, the weather was beautiful but very very windy.  We went to one of our most favorite places in the Perdido Key area, the Gulf Islands National Seashore. We never really stay for more than a day or two down here but you pay for a 7-day pass ($8) and have access to one of the most wonderful white sand beaches on the Alabama/Florida gulf coast shore lines.

Every time we have been here the 5-7 mile stretch of beach has only a handful of people (today almost no one) and it seems to be one of those few areas in the country that still has pristine beaches and little sign of city life.  Our other favorite area like this is over on the Outter Banks of North Carolina which also has some of the most untouched beaches in the country. So for my Friday Feet post today, here is my feet image, and also a few more.  Tomorrow is it back to Auburn and back to work.

5 responses to “Perdido Key National Seashore Photos :: Friday Feet”

  1. I want an 8 x 10 of the seagull and the waves rolling. Absolutely beautiful! And directions on how to get there! Awesome photograph!


  2. You took your camera on the beach… ugh… love the pictures.


  3. These are some cool pictures….we are missionaries in Mexico and we are able to see amazing sights but we’re still getting used to taking pics…maybe oneday!


  4. Thanks for the photos! For Jodi and others, here is a link for the National Park Service for the Perdido Key Area. I’m heading to the area next week and I’ll definitely stop by.

    Carol Weavers last blog post..Bet on the Bon Secour for January Specks with Ross Whitworth


  5. And then I forgot to put in the link – guess I really need that beach vacation to recharge my brain

    Carol Weavers last blog post..Bet on the Bon Secour for January Specks with Ross Whitworth


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