Cindy Wall Honored as Auburn Flies Eagle vs Tennessee

eagle flying at the auburn football gameIt seems that every day since Cindy Wall [AU press release] died I have found out more and more about what a great person she was and how much she meant to so many people.  Yesterday there was a beautiful memorial service for Cindy at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Auburn where many people shared what an impact she had with the Auburn Athletics department and the Auburn students in general. Today during the Auburn vs Tennessee football game, Auburn University has said they are going to fly the traditional pre-game flight of either Nova or Spirit (sorry, don’t know which it is today), one of the eagles in the Auburn Raptor Center, in honor and memory of Cindy.

I don’t actually recall Auburn doing anything like this before but I am sure they have. Either way, it is a great show of how much Cindy meant to so many people at the Auburn Athletics department.  Below is an image from her celebration service at CUMC.  I will be at the game today and will post the images of the game later tonight (hopefully).  Let’s hope the Tigers fare better against Tennessee than they did against LSU last week.

Cindy Wall Memorial Celebration Service

Cindy Wall Honored in Auburn Football Game

[Update] The game yesterday was hot and loud but fun… the pregame did have a special memorial to Cindy Wall and the photo is posted below.  The stadium announcer did say the Auburn University eagle (Nova) was flying in her honor that day, and I took a quick photo of the AUHD sign as Nova flew.

2 responses to “Cindy Wall Honored as Auburn Flies Eagle vs Tennessee”

  1. I extend my deepest and sincerest sympathy to Cindy’s mother Pat, her brother Scott, and the entire Wall family for their shocking and tragic loss.


  2. Do sell any of your photos?


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