Should Auburn Prepare for Hurricane Fay?

Has anyone else here in the southeastern part of Alabama (namely Auburn-Opelika) been following the progress of tropical storm Fay? That’s us below, just about between the 8 on “8 AM Sun” and the “D”. Doesn’t actually look like it will reach hurricane strength now, but it keeps going back and forth.

I usually follow hurricane season via the National Hurricane Center from NOAA pretty close sine we have a small interest down in the gulf coast right now (our sailboat). It has been a while since Auburn was hit by a tropical storm, but they do get up this way once in a while, and we could really use the rain.

Tropical Storm Fay

This has been a crazy track to follow. First it was going into the Gulf, then up to Atlanta, then out to the Atlantic, now, the latest has it moving right over our area, just south of Auburn-Opelika? Not only does it seem to change by the hour, but it seems to be moving very very slow.

If it moves over the Auburn area, it isn’t going to be here until Sunday (right now). Earlier predictions were giving us some rain by Wednesday (tomorrow). I would be happy for it to wait until Sunday, I was planning on photographing the Auburn Woman’s Soccer on Friday against Grambling State. Seeing that it is the opening game of the season, I don’t think they want it called by a hurricane.

Here is hoping we get hit with a good soaking of rain, but after the woman finish playing soccer on Friday.

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  1. Great post ! I want to know when you update your blog, where can i subscribe to your blog? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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