Auburn Tigers NCAA Football Opening Day 2008

Auburn Football Practice 2008

Well the time has come for the craziness to begin here in Auburn.  Today is the start of the Auburn Football schedule (and college football all across the country for that matter), and all things crazy that go along with Auburn Football.

Those unfamiliar with the fall traditions of Auburn football won’t really understand the transformation this town goes through starting today, but it is quite severe, becoming the 4th or 5th largest city in Alabama on gameday weekend, this small, quiet little city becomes a wall to wall metropolis of tailgaters and football fans.  Something I know the city of Auburn wouldn’t trade for anything.

We will add two, to the 87,451 people watching the game live at Jordan-Hare Stadium today.  Hopefully without getting sunburned to bad, and perhaps coming away with a few good images of the game.  Look for me today if you are coming to the game or tailgating on campus, I’ll be the one in the orange Auburn hat.  War Eagle.

Gustav and Hanna Looking for a Place to Land

These two storms look like they could really do some damage once they reach the U.S. coast.  Right now both are predicted to reach hurricane status over the weekend and then hurricane Gustav looks like it will go to the Louisiana side and hurricane Hanna the Florida side. Sorry no photography posted other than the hurricane graphic, I will get back to posting some images soon.

On an interesting note.  I work with domain information and registrations and often buy domains for my personal or business use.  Did you know that all hurricane domain names have been purchased by speculators through the end of the current hurricane name cycle. Right now, hurricane names are release up to the 2013 hurricane season.  If you take that list and look at some of the unique names on the list, then compare them to registered domain names (like, you can systematically go through the list and see they are already reserved as far out as 2013.

Domain names are the last relestate frontier, and most are worthless, unless you actually want to use one for your name, business, or product.  Some Karen out there might be a windy kind of gal and want the domain hurricanekaren, but your name is on the list for 2013, so sorry, you missed that one.

A Mixed Up Kind of a Week and Gustav Coming

It has been a mixed up kind of week for us here.  With the tropical storm Fay, and now Gustov on its way, we can see two more tropical disturbances also looking for a new home, so we headed down to the coast to check out our sailboat.  We have been trying to sell our sailboat for a while now but it needed a little extra attention during this time so along with everything else going on, we took one day to see the coast before the next storm.

If we look at the calendar there is another holiday coming up, the first Auburn football game this Saturday… I can almost feel the lighter, cooler air that’s on its way (in maybe three more months). As I was flipping through some of my collected quotes and poems from my mother-in-law I came across this one and it sounded appropriate for the week.  You may have heard it before, but it is still cute.

Blogging Stats and Our Daily Walk of Faith

monthly blogging stat walk

How does your blogging life look? Are you consistent, true, and purposeful when it comes to writing or participating with your blog (or put in another part of your life you take some value with)… no… me neither. I was thinking about this the other day when I really couldn’t find the words for a blog post and just decided to let it go.

Of course then I started drawing parallels of our Christian walk and the consistency in which we blog, and what effect it has on our blog. Once you start blogging for any considerable length of time (a few years for me), you start to think of life in terms of blog posts. I went to see this sporting event, ahhhh good blog post, this guy just cut me off in the highway, let me snap a photo and it will make a great blog post.

How do you know what the effect of writing that blog post has on your blog. We check the stats. Do you love stats as much as I do? I wish I could stat out everything sometimes. I love looking at collections of data like that, it tells us where we can improve, where we failed, where we succeeded. How often do we check our daily walk stats?

Our Daily Walk

Probably 5% of my ideas for blogs posts actually make it to my computer. I would say another 50% of those never make it out of a draft. But what happens to our blog when we just let it go, then try to pick it up, then let it go, well, just check the stats. It looks like an up and down mess, usually.

daily graph of our blogging walk

This graph above is a daily graph of my other photo blog. The piece in the middle there is typical, just up and down with the wind it seems, but it is directly related with what I do with the blog. When I post, the stats go up, when I don’t, they go down. That is how I usually feel in my walk with Christ. I am inspired and walking great one day and the next something happens and I neglect my prayer life that day (or any number of other things), and I feel brought down a notch.

One thing that has taken me a long time to realize is my walk is going to be an up and down event. For some reason we often think once we become Christians we are riding up that hill till we hit those pearly gates, and it just isn’t that way, and the Bible tells us this too.

Among many different places in the Bible, we read in John 16:33

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

I love reading that verse. It reminds me that our life here on earth is not trouble free just because we are Christians, but, it doesn’t say we can just live like the world, forget our walk and our relationship with Christ will be the same.

Our Weekly Walk

I have been a Christian for more than 10 years now, so I have longer stats to look at than just a daily graph. So what if we could look at our walk on a weekly basis instead.

weekly graph of blogging stats

This graph has a little more data. This is showing me the 17th week of the year of 2008 up to week 33-34 of this year. Still some ups and downs visible, but now we can see a trend? I may not be getting it done like I would like every single day, day after day, but I have an overall goal with my blog to keep it fresh and create growth within the blog. So without getting to deep, you get the idea. We can’t keep looking at our daily failures in our walk with Jesus as the sum of our walk. We have a goal as Believers, right, to keep growing and mature in our faith and our walk with the Lord.

Our Monthly Walk

Take it one step farther out and look at our monthly walk (the image at the top).

Now we’re talking. I can see that month 11, 12 of 2007 weren’t so good, although they were in existence, but look at the trend. Can we look back over our walk with Christ in months and years and see growth? We may not think so, but if we check the stats of our daily walk, in terms of months and years, we will hopefully find we have grown, but don’t forget about that little notch at the very end of this graph.

What do you do on your blog when you can’t find something to write or just don’t feel like messing with it? I guess I write about stats. Try to plug away at your blog if it is important to you, you will be rewarded yourself by just looking back over time to see how you have grown as a blogger and what you found was important enough to put down in words.

Don’t feel guilty about neglecting your blog either, just open the admin screen, hit the “create new entry” and write something that is on your mind. I have read blog posts that were one word and were great posts. One of my most popular posts was just one photo, so it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out message like this.