A Wedding in Colorado Awaits a Photographer

Bryan and Sara Fillmer

Today my wife and I are leaving for Colorado for our son’s wedding. He is getting married on Saturday in Estes Park Colorado (which is was better than getting married in the heat of south Alabama) and we couldn’t be more excited.

People who have just met me are amazed that I have a son who is about to get married, frankly, I am too.  But, on Saturday Sara Turner and Bryan Fillmer will be then known as another Mr and Mrs Fillmer and I will official become an in-law.  We have known Sara for quite some time and are so thrilled that she will become part of the family.

Deb and I have always thought of her as part of the family for years now anyway, but now they have a piece of paper that proves it.

And, yes, I am doing double duty as the father of the groom and the photographer. In over 10 years of photography, this will be my first wedding (shhhh don’t tell them that). I have looked at more wedding photography in the last month than I ever thought I would (Chad Wright’s wedding photography has helped a lot, thanks bro), and I think I am as prepared as I can me.

All I have to do now is manage to get my larger photo back bag through security and in an overhead bin so some lovely baggage agent doesn’t alter my first wedding shoot, and my equipment.

I am sure everything will go as planned and soon Sara, who is managing to get our flip-flop wielding son into a suit and actual shoes for an entire Saturday (and me for that matter) will be a happy woman on her way with her new husband to Alaska on Sunday.

What would be nice is if this long tradition of taking photos at a wedding was transferred to taking photos on the honeymoon, now that would be something. The trip afterwards always seems to be in some grand place (sometimes a grander location than the wedding itself), with incredible scenery, and what do most couples take, themselves and some old point-n-shoot. Oh well.

Welcome to the family Sara, we love you.

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  1. Mandy Avatar

    How awesome!!!

    I have to say that you two seem like you are really accepting. I haven’t had good experience w/ inlaws. His parents don’t like me, my parents didn’t like him.

    I’m sure it makes starting out a whole lot easier when everyone is actually excited for the marriage.

    Have a great time & a safe flight.

    Mandys last blog post..I’ve been tagged…

  2. b/ Avatar

    Hey bro, you might want to be careful about how you suggest that you would like to be there at the honeymoon. People might wonder what kind of photographer you are. I kid. I kid. Hey, I need to show you our wedding album when you get back. It is pretty unique, and I haven’t seen another one like it,

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