Music, Work, Worship, Photography and a Little Fun

Brian Johnson Worship Leader

It has been an extremely busy last several days and my normal daily journal post (as in this one) has been lost the last few days. We have been very busy with the books and all other aspects of work, but I also took on a few extra projects that took a bit more time than I anticipated (not unusual). Yesterday was Deborah’s birthday, see post Happy Birthday, Deborah, and I hope she had a nice day, but it was one where we didn’t have to leave the house for work, but just tried to get things done here at our home office. That basically means carrying boxes up and down the stairs all day and getting them listed on our store.

Deborah went through more books yesterday than in a typical day, which means I carried more boxes up the stairs and down the stairs than a typical day, BUT, we are starting to be able to see the floor in our dining room. Something we haven’t seen in going on two years now (we received a shipment of about an 18-wheeler load of books some 18 months ago and are still trying to get through all of them).

Photography (With a Little Worship), Finally

It has been a while since I have done some actual photography shooting on location, but last night I had the opportunity to do some shooting at the church of the band while they practiced. Below is just one small “head shot” of the worship leader. All in all I took about 500 shots over the hour and a half so it will take some time to go through (hope Brian doesn’t mind me putting up his mug shot for everyone to see).

I am trying to get some graphical images of the worship band up on the worship leaders blog site (now over at or for the long url). It is an ongoing project and hopefully will have a great impact on those who read and follow Brian’s story.

Everything Else

I was able to get to my guitar lesson this week, although I have been so busy I haven’t had time to practice yet. I now know exactly how much I don’t know, just about everything. I did get some new music arrivals this week as well, they included another interesting mix:

  • David Benoit – Here’s To You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years! (mix is a little off here)
  • Dan Fogelberg – Greatest Hits
  • Phil Keaggy – Inseparable
  • Phil Keaggy – Acoustic Sketches (great guitar album)
  • Billy Joel – The Nylon Curtain

Yes, those are from all over the place but I like to collect a wide range of music. Today should be a calmer day, one that we can stay here at the house and work. Glad to finally get back to my journal blog here. I am not to happy with my newish theme so I might go back to the other one and use the head graphic I did the other day, who knows.

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